How to Keep Your Bathroom Warm

1. Infrared bathroom heaters

An infrared heater is an inexpensive way to heat up your bathroom. They come with one, two or four infrared lamps and often have a fan to force the hot air through the room. Infrared heaters are usually installed in the ceiling, and some even come with lights. An infrared bathroom heater will have to be installed by an electrician.

2. Underfloor bathroom heaters

If you’re renovating an old bathroom and tearing out the tiles, consider investing in an underfloor heater. An underfloor heater has coiled heating elements and radiates heat from the floor. The heat warms the room and makes standing on the floor more comfortable.

3. Towel heaters in the bathroom

Another thing you don’t want is a cold, damp towel. Towel heaters will dry out towels and warm them, so you have a fresh, warm towel after a shower. Towel heaters are generally wall mounted, some are floor mounted, either way, you will probably need an electrician to install them.

4. Wall-mounted heaters

Another affordable option is to get a wall-mounted bathroom heater. Bathroom wall heaters can be slim and won’t take up too much space on the wall. They often have radiant heating and can be waterproof. Wall heaters can be plugged into an electrical outlet or wired by an electrician.

5. Other ways to keep your bathroom warm

There are other simple ways to keep the bathroom warm this winter. Place rugs or mats on the floor to avoid stepping on a cold floor. Warmer colours in the bathroom can make the bathroom feel warmer, you could also use heat-reflecting, insulating paints. Also getting a new shower head that uses less water means you can have longer showers to warm up without increasing utility bills.

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