How to Prepare Your House for Sale

Selling a house during these times is not easy, but you can start preparing to say goodbye to your home. Check out these valuable tips that will save you so much time and point you in the right direction.

Exterior That Meets the Eye

The exterior of the house is just as important as the interior for buyers. Once the beauty meets the eye, convincing people that this is the right spot they want to splurge on is much easier. In other words, make sure to spend some time working on the entrance, front yard, backyard, and facade. A house that looks cosy, and pretty and has a well-trimmed yard will help you sell much faster than anticipated.

This is a tip that might take a lot of your time, but even the smallest touch-ups can mean a lot. People fall in love with houses from the first second they see them on the outside, so why not make that happen with yours?

While we are at the exterior, taking care of the outdoor lighting is also extremely important in case people come to check out your home at night.


It is needless to say that before selling a house you need to get rid of all the extra stuff you have lying around. To make sure that you get the best deal possible, we would like to remind you to declutter. When people come to check out a property, they expect to see a clean, neat space. Taking care of the things that are not essential will help you achieve an aesthetic with larger-looking rooms, a more modern space, and more likeable for everyone. It is common knowledge that spaces that look big can easily win over the hearts of buyers, so this is a tip that will not cost you a fortune but will gain you a lot.

If you are still not ready to move into a new place and have no idea how to handle all the extra stuff in your home, there are several great options. For smaller items, the easiest one is to store them in containers you can hide under furniture, in the basement, or the garage. If you have larger items, you simply cannot hide them,

Another very smart idea and cost-effective solution is to put your valuable possessions into a mobile storage unit during the sale campaign.

Do the Repairs!

Before you even think about selling the house you need to do all the necessary repairs. Even a tiny hole in the wall or a leaky tap can take the price down. If the problems are not solved, the potential buyers might suspect that bigger things are going on. Home buyers tend to do their due diligence and are likely to hire professional services such as Red Dog Property Inspections. Before committing to such a big splurge, you want to make sure that everything is spot-on from your side.

Paint the Walls

Make the time to paint the walls of your rooms in neutral colours that are not hard for the eye. Yes, red, pink, blue, and green are amazing, but these are not the colours that appeal to everyone. By using neutral shades, you will make the space brighter, it will look larger, and cleaner, and it is more likely that it will appeal to more people. The whole point is to create a cosy environment that is not just set up for your taste but for everyone. A fresh coat of paint will remove all the marks, imperfections, and mould and completely transform the rooms. There are many tutorials (  that you can follow, Do a great job while also following all the social distancing rules.

Organise the Wardrobe

One of the first things that buyers will want to check is whether your house has enough storage space. You want your closets to look neat, decluttered, and well-organised.

If there is a mess happening when people visit to see the house, they might get the impression that you don’t have enough storage room. Remove all the extra clothes and things and pack them in storage bins or transfer them to a mobile storage unit.

Fresh Smell

You don’t want your home to have a weird smell once people come to check it out. A fresh smell is so welcoming and can help buyers fall in love with the space and imagine it as their own. Sure, it is a small detail, but those also count. Opt for something fresh and avoid strong smells. In our opinion, some good options are light, lemon, lavender, coconut, pine, and cedar scents. Following these tips make your house stunning and sale-ready.

Selling your home is an exciting time and the process can be fun if you do the right preparation. Contact your local Red Dog Property Inspections and they can help you through the process.

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