Why Red Dog Property Inspections Should Be Your Go-To Choice

When it comes to buying a new home, having a property inspection is crucial, even if you’re sure you’ll go through with the purchase. At Red Dog Property Inspections, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive inspection services to ensure your investment is safe and sound. Here’s a detailed look at why you should choose us, our service costs, and how we can help you beyond the inspection.

Why Would I Use You When I’m Sure I’m Going to Buy the Property No Matter What You Discover?
Even if you’re confident about buying a property, a thorough inspection can significantly benefit you. One primary reason is that it equips you with crucial information to negotiate the sale price. Knowing about existing or potential faults gives you leverage in discussions with the owner and agent. Additionally, if you’re planning to renovate or move in immediately, identifying structural defects early can help you avoid unexpected expenses that could blow out your budget.

What is the Minimum Cost for Your Reports? What Are the Costs and Benefits of More Expensive Reports?
Our services are designed to be both thorough and cost-effective. This small investment can save you thousands in the long run by identifying building defects, which can be challenging for an untrained eye to detect. The peace of mind and potential savings from these detailed reports far outweigh the initial costs.

Can You Help Me Remedy Any Problems You Find?
Yes, we can. At Red Dog Property Inspections, we go beyond merely identifying problems. We have a network of qualified and experienced professional tradespeople who can provide detailed and accurate quotes for any necessary repairs or restoration works. This service ensures you have a clear understanding of any additional costs and helps you make informed decisions about your property.

Are You Independent?
Absolutely. We pride ourselves on being completely independent of any Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, or Financial Institution. Our independence guarantees that our inspections are unbiased and focused solely on providing you with accurate and honest information about your potential investment.

How Do I Know You Are Thorough and Good at Your Job?
With over 30 years of experience, Red Dog Property Inspections has built a reputation for thoroughness and professionalism. Our business has grown primarily through referrals and repeat business, with many clients returning to us for multiple property inspections over the years.

We are now serving the next generation, inspecting properties for the children of our initial clients. Our numerous written testimonials and long-standing client relationships are a testament to the quality and reliability of our services.

I’ll Inspect at Least 25 Homes Before Making an Offer. Should I Get You to Report on All These Properties?
We recommend a strategic approach to your property search. Focus on the suburbs you are interested in, conduct your research, and narrow down your options to properties that fit your budget before engaging our services.

Sign a contract subject to a satisfactory Building Inspection report to secure the property, ensuring no one else can purchase it from under you. If you are purchasing under auction conditions, having a report prepared before bidding will arm you with all the relevant information to make an informed decision on the day.

For more detailed information or to schedule an inspection, contact us at Red Dog Property Inspections. We’re here to ensure your property-buying experience is as smooth and informed as possible.

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